Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The final day

Sorry forgot to spin the pic

We played hours and hours of Pirates...I had to be the worker not the Captain...

Cooking for the family...Megan is a sweet personality and a genuine worker...

It is Tuesday morning. Papa went to work, Nana stayed in bed and baby (our cat) slept in the chair. Papa was cheerful, Nana was sleepy and Baby was mad that we were gone. All is back to normal. the Malm children are reunited with their parents and we are snug in our townhouse. It was a fun, exciting and tiring time with 7 children. I would not of missed it, but now the fun and games must stay at their house and I am going to rest up so they can come over tomorrow night and spend New Years Eve with us. (I don't anticipate number 7, but you never know who Beth will send, ha ha ha) I hope everyone enjoys our photos of our great adventure. I am going to add some of the ones I left off the blog over the last few days. ENJOY Mary

Birthday bath...

The birthday boy learning to take things apart...

Are you ready?

Hand wave without touching the fire engine. It goes by itself...

Kenny and Nana's playpen...

Our tails, made from the birthday celebration decorations...

Lunch in the dining room. Decorated for Kenny on his first birthday. Megan fixed lunch, Macaronni and cheese and tomato soup. DELISH........

Get ready Mary...

more tails

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Day three of grandparents

Sunday, december 28 was warmer today. We didn't have to have the children all cooped up. Adam finally got to ride his scooter outside in the front. Kelly rode her bike and they were happy, happy campers. Inside we had a cranky baby today. He didn't want to take a nap, he didn't want to eat and he threw his toys. I think he is missing his parents, but can't say it in words yet. He was cute with his little phone, holding it to his head and saying mama. Nana is not a substitute in that department, although in his anger he bit me on the breast today...SHARP teeth. He went to bed early...

Jonathan: Leave me alone, and I will be nice...in other words let me do what I want to do
Megan: Nana you have too many lectures...I will be glad when mama gets home
Patrick: You surprised me by letting go with my friends yesterday, you can stay.
Kelly: I am not mad but I am staying away from lectures...(fooling around in the kitchen while dinner was being cooked with Megan)
Adam: You are not too strict, you don't make me do too much, but you can go home I want my mom~!
Mary: You go! I stay! Sure...
Nana: I would take care of all seven in a heartbeat, just give me a little rest.
Papa: Give me a project, and Kelly that is all I need to stay with the children.

We are having a wonderful time with the children. It makes it fun to play with them and their Christmas toys. We have so little chances in this lifetime to be able to play like children and have some good old fashioned fun.

I want my pj's and nana won' put them on...guess I will have to do it myself...

Sunday activity...read the ads to nana

Fight with Kenny and Adam
Read the directions to my dollhouse

read some more ads

play peek a boo

learn to bowl

hold curtain till papa gets the door back on the bathroom

throw the bowling ball at papa

pose in front of the finished bathroom beautification, Kelly got to be the first to try out the commode...that is the privilege when you are the worker bee with papa.

think about throwing this ball at Patrick

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Malm family vacation

Kell the plumber...
Mary, I want toilet paper please...

Oh no, nana put me in the sink again, doesn't she know I am a big boy now.

Mary: This goes there, this goes to that place, let me look at the box to make sure it is right!

I am the chef for tonight. Anybody for Hawiian Haystacks?

Kelly the all over the house helper.

I am cooking!!!


Cutie and me.

Video games ala carte...

no cup stacking for us we like toilet paper....

The competition begins, it takes the tallest person in the room to stack the last roll. Hope there are no bathroom emergencies since the paper has now become the latest fashion in stacking games.

Cutie and me

Mom and Dad Malm are vacationing in an undisclosed location, and the seven children arre vacationing at home with Nana and Papa. Here are some highlights:
Adam: Since mom and dad are gone, you and papa will have to be our parents!!!

Patrick: surprised that the nana knows how to play video games with the best of them.
Mary: High squeaky voice .. Kenny you get away from my dollhouse!

Kenny: Baa Baa na na pa pa ma ma and holds the toys close so the othercan't take them.
Jon: Please stay out of MY room it is not inhabitable for nana's...

Megan: I want to read, read, read, but I will cook, cook cook, if you let me.

Kelly: I will do any dirty job as long as you let me paint. I will work all day just to get to do that.

Papa: Whatever you want, just ask and I will help you.