Friday, February 27, 2009


Last night was a crackup. Papa and I were hungry for Bennets BBQ. We know that is not the favorite of the children, so Papa asked each one what they wanted for dinner and he taxied around to fill all the orders. Bennets, Taco Bell and KFC. I think if they wanted something else he would of obliged. It was fun handing out the dinners. Their eyes sparkled as they each got their order. Dinner was a happy experience. today Jim left for work and Patrick fixed everyones breakfast. They let me sleep till 9. I was happy for that because I was worried about Mary and her cough and kept getting up to check on her. I gave her childrens tylenol and she slept so hard and quietly I thought something was wrong. That is the worry wart in me. I always say I try not to have incidents on my watch. That hasn't always happened. I was thinking about Megan when she was three. She spent the night and got into my stamping inks. She had green lips for two weeks. It was the first time in my life I called poison control. They laughed and said she had to eat two or three ink pads to get sick. I sure hated to tell her mother that she was permanently green. Proves we are irish. Today the children must be missing thier mother...they are cleaning. Mary and Kelly did the bathrooms (without fighting). Patrick and Adam are arguing over what has to be done in their bedroom. It would be easier for me to do it, but I will stay at the keyboard and listen to them argue. Funny thing I didn't ask them to do chores, they just volunteered. I wonder what they want...candy maybe. Time to sign off...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lazy days of February

Well Feb is almost gone and I have not put any messages on my blog. We have had grands every weekend and this one is no exception. Patrick, Kelly, Adam and Mary are coming tonight because they do not have school tomorrow. I always look forward to their arrival. Jim usually picks them up after work and I await their smiling faces. Adam and Mary are changing daily. Adam keeps his kindergarten class amused. He has a sense of humor unlike any of the other children. Reminds me of Beth when she lived at home. You could expect the unexpected. Adam's teacher wishes she could use duct tape for his chair. I guess when you are five and excited it is hard to sit still. Also he is so engrossed with what is going on around him he only half listens to instructions. His teacher got wise and told the children if your hand is up to repeat instructions, NO SNACK. Adams hand has not gone up for awhile. Mary is so sweet. ( unless she is mad) Her best friend Lilly has been sick so she hasn't gone to preschool. (Lilly's mom teaches) Beth told me today that she has asked 25 times when she is going to Nana's. 2:30 isn't soon enough. Last week when the children came, Adam ASKED for a buzz, usually Papa has to bribe him, must have a girlfriend in his class. He wanted a bath but when we checked his backpack, he only brought essentials, blanket and pillow. He put back on his dirty clothes. Mary didn't fare much better, she brought her pj's and potty seat. At least I had clean clothes here for her. Kelly is trying to learn to crochet. This is a SLOW process for a child who wants instant results. I know she will bring it back less than it was last week. fortunately (or not) we have cable and the Malms do not, so she catches up on her programs on the disney channel. Oh Nana please do not get rid of cable.....Patrick is coming this weekend. He loves my computer so I will not be on the keyboard anytime soon. At least we have some entertainment for them. I knew a time would come when the older ones would not think my house was so exciting. Jon has almost severed the overnight experiences and Megan is on the fast track. I sure am glad Beth has 7 children. I hate to think I was over the hill to all of them. Chris's girls have been too busy to come over too. They haven't seen their mom since christmas, so don't know quite what is happening. They are beautiful children and really enjoy spending the night here, especially when the cousins come. I will update as I get information.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Sunday superbowl

Anybody who knows me knows that football and sports in general do not interest me. We went to Jim's sister Patty's house for a small get together. (his 2 sisters and Jim and I) We had dinner, conversation and the superbowl in the background. I knew I must of not watched much of it because I forgot to watch the advertisements. I didn't see any of them except the one we wore 3D glasses. when Susan gets home she is going to send the picture of us in our stylish glasses. I will post it when I get it. Patty had knee surgury and is doing great. I am glad I do not have to have joint replacements, I would complain and cry. Patty is doing great...

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Kelly is learning to crochet
Adam and mary enjoy breakfast watching cartoons. What a way to spend a Saturday morning...

The routine...this time we have bubbles!!!Lots and lots of bubbles before bedtime...Oh how we love to come to Nana and Papa's house, if only to get a bath with bubbles.

Papa I have bubbles in my nose. "take your washcloth and wipe them off"

Adam Jim called Friday and left a message asking if he could spend the night. When Papa called him back he said sure, and anyone else that wanted to come was surely invited. Adam thought he was coming alone, but that was not the case. Mary and Kelly tagged along for a sleep over too.