Tuesday, March 31, 2009


It is spring break and I got the top four. I haven't had them for a long time. The boys worked on pine derby with papa and the girls and I sewed.


After reveiwing pictures on the blog I decided to shorten Kelly's Easter dress. It is now raised up to be her second favorite next to her Baptism dress. I am very happy that I shortened it, she doesn't look like a granny...
Megan sophisiticated in basic black and white. Created by Nana.

Sister, wearing their Easter creations. Oh, I love to sew for these girls. They boost my morale by complimenting me along the sewing journey. Two down and one to go. Mary Dotes you are NEXT!!!
Kelly in her darling paisley created by Nana.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day two, off and RUNNING

Mary and Kenny having fun getting tangled up in my sheers.

Mary and Kenny playing with their new fisher price toys. (by the way, Mary unsuccessfully tried to carry hers home) the toys are to stay at Nana's for now.

Oh, we are having so much fun...even had one little pack of smarties.

Thank God for nap time...I don't know how anyone taking care of Kenny could survive without some time down...isn't he sweet?

Mary found an American Girl Magazine. I want this and this and this and this...

Is it lunch time yet?

The dog in the neighbors back yard went away...guess he was too much work for them. I am going to rest, rest, rest and more rest...It was Grand to have the grands but today it is grander that they went back to their mother... bon voyage... Adam had to go to school today so the last I saw of him was papa carrying him down the stairs. He dropped him off at his parents at 5:45am. Beth was waiting for him. The two little ones slept till 7:30. Mary came in worried that she could not find Adam. I reassured her that he went to school. Then she came back and said she couldn't find hoppa. She was relieved to know that he went to work. It is amazing to me how the children watch out for one another. Now to resting time...see ya (not on the radio)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Nana's sitting service

Who says that child caring is sitting? What a misnomer with mr. Kenneth Ammon Malm. He is a wild fire rushing from one disaster to another. I am glad I remembered my baby Hemlich manuever. I needed it today. First time with a grandchild. Then I had to quick find my broom to clean up glass from a picture frame. While cleaning up I sent Adam to get the small shop vac. he complained all the way up the stairs that it was heavy. I kept reassuring him that he was my number one helper. He said he never heard my voice like that before. Wouldn't you be upset with a baby standing in glass? Well I told Kenny and Mary to stay in their chairs. They cried as loud as they could wanting their mama. Oh heck, I forgot their lunch in the micro and it was hot so I added some more from an open can and aha it was cool enough to eat. Besides these little inconviences the running is going well. Kenny is learning nana language (clean) and Mary is playing nicely. Adam hid out at the computer so all is well.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


trying to duck from the camera...

too fast for a slow Nana

Sweet as ever....

you can see the cans...the bright little items on the left in the middle. I almost caught him...
While the Malm family were showing off thier amazing talents at the primary function, Jon, Meg, Nana and Papa were enjoying the world of OZ. Megan was selected to be the head art designer so at the end of the play, she was in the finale. She did a great job with the set decorations. Jon decided to take his evening and go with Nana and Papa, while we were waiting for Megan He was crushing cans and dodging my camera. Must be fun to be 13. We had an enjoyable evening out with the two oldest grandchildren...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Abby first grade play

My favorite Ghecco

The intensity of it all was hard to miss.
We attended the first grade play tonight. One forgets how really little first graders are. I looked around and thought, time passes so fast and one almost misses their own child at the moment. Guess what I am saying is, when the children are around all the time you forget that they are still young and they do young children things and sometimes as parents we approach it as if they were grown ups. That is my philosophy for today, look at your children in new eyes and see how young they really are. If you don't you will miss the small nuances of childhood. I was really glad I was there tonight and I am looking forward to round two at Megan's play on Saturday.Posted by Picasa

Friday, March 13, 2009

Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup

Playing computer BEN10

helping play the game

coloring while Nana sleeps

playing BEN10


Six children have come to spend the night. We are having a special favorite tonight GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES AND TOMATO SOUP for dunking. (yes we allow certain food to be dunked.) Children spending the night are: Grace, Abby, Patrick, Kelly, Adam, and not the least Mary. It was reported she started looking for Papa at noon and he didn't get there until after 2. Excitement, excitment...Kelly has been crying, Papa put her art project in the back of the truck and the case holding it down moved and it blew out of the bed and got run over by the car behind. He is in her dog house for awhile. Oh the tribulations of being in second grade. It was reported that Abby was crying after school too. She didn't get a citizenship award this period. first time since she started her career at Holly Ridge. Tears of a first grader.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Beth and Chris celebrate milestone birthdays

It doesn't seem possible that I am 37 and 38 years older. I remember their BIRTH days quite well. Beth was so little I was afraid of her. Chris was just the right size and he was so sweet. Not that Beth wasn't. We called her the nutty professor. You never knew what was going to come out of her mouth. I remember one evening in Virginia just after the Academy awards and we were discussing streaking. I asked Beth if she knew what that was and she proceeded to take off her clothes and try to get outside. How could a 3 year old know these things? Chris and Beth were best friends when they were little. Chris cried when Beth went to school. He waited by the window for her to come home and teach him all she learned each day. They were sweet together. Often Jim was jealous. I felt so bad for him because it seemed that birthdays were more exciting with the little ones. I always got him a gift too. Jim(dad) said it set a bad precedence but I could see his hurt when Beth and Chris had so many presents to open without him. I didn't do that for Jim's birthday, I figured Beth and Chris could commiserate together. Guess I played favorites. Doesn't seem possible they are approaching 40. (still think I am 40 in my mind ha ha ha)

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Fourth folder, fourth picture. This was the visit to the zoo with Abby and Grace December 2006. It was the Sunday after Christmas and we laughed that they should of provided snowshovels at the entrance. This picture is of the little African creatures that I can't remember their name. They had a tv series about them with the producers giving them names and keeping track of their families. I wish my fourth picture had been that of the polar bear stamping the ice trying to get it to break. That was the most memorable of the girls and us. thank you for the tag, it is fun to remember times past. I pass my tag to Preston Stocks of Dallas Texas. We know you read, now is your turn to blog.