Saturday, January 29, 2011


Get those zoo passes out...55 degrees, zoo time!!!!  We picked up Adam, Mary and Kenny this morning.  We stopped at Mcdonalds for lunch and headed for the Denver Zoo.  Everybody else in town was experiencing spring fever but we bucked the crowds and did half the zoo.  Nice thing about a pass, we can do the other half another day.  Fun, Fun Fun was had by all,  now Nana and Papa have to rest up.........

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


It is good that I didn't make a resolution for blogging at certain times, I surely would of broken any resolution I might have made.  It has been a very busy January for the two of us, especially Jim.  He has had surgury for his giant kidney stones and is scheduled for two more surguries.  He has had a hard time bouncing back.  Hope that doesn't mean that when you turn 65 you fall apart and hardly recover.  I have been on his case and making him drink more water than he has in the whole time we have been married.  (45 years)  He assures me that he is feeling better.  We are anxious to take out the rv and go someplace. 
The grands are wonderful.  The two oldest boys came to spend time with Jim yesterday.  Teens have so much going on that I was impressed that it was their idea to come over for the afternoon.  Of course, we fed them good in the hopes they will make time to come again.  Jim thinks probably about a year from now.  Jon is doing wonderful learning to drive.  Jim has taken him out since he got rid of the cataract.  I know Jon appreciates it and Jim looks forward to spending the time with him.
I have been busy creating new ideas for craft shows this coming year.  I want to do something different.
Time will tell.

My daughter says that blogs are boring if you don't include a picture, so I am picking a random one from camping.  Cute one, Mary and Kenny camping at Cherry Creek State Park.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

"art" aprons for the Cole children

Emily, purple with her name, Bradley,black and white with his name, Sarah,Jasmine on purple  , Wendy, white and red, Sleeping Beauty, Jason,green with Woody and Bullseye  and Rachel tangerine with Lady from Lady and the Tramp.  I have been interested in making aprons for children.  I will be mailing these out on Monday.  Such a pleasure to share them.