Saturday, May 30, 2009

Weekend projects

What do we do while we wait to afford license plates? We play house in the parking lot and fix and clean our new motorhome.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

May 21, 2009

Not much has been happening at the McGinnis house lately. Today is Grace's school concert so we will be going. I left my camera on by accident so I have not had pictures of the children since the motorhome arrived here in Denver. I thought you might enjoy word pictures.

Adam Jim...He was on the phone last Friday crying. He had a temperature and couldn't go to school and I had to tell him that he could not come over and play in the motor home. He was so sad, I felt like crying too.

Patrick Joe...He was mad because mom made him come to Nana's. Jon had a friend spend the night at their house and Patrick was looking forward to tormenting his brother and friend. Mom quickly squelched his plan and sent him to me. He was honest enough to say he was forced to come, so I gave him unlimited computer time. Oh, such a nice nana.

Kelly...I didn't see her till Saturday morning. She relegated herself to the basement so she could watch all her favoriet cable tv shows.

Mary dotes...She kissed me and hugged me and was beside me like she was glued. It makes a grandparent proud when a child just loves you for you...She took a bath and slept in.

Saturday...Jim went and got the motorhome and Kelly and Patrick were out bright and early helping their papa spiff up the new acquisition. The waxed and waxed. they looked like the Karate Kids. Wax on wax off. I enjoyed watching them work so hard.

Grace and Abby joined the party on Saturday...They came to spend Saturday night so they helped wax on and wax off. They also were the caretakers of Mary. It is fun to see the cousins love on the little ones. Later in the afternoon papa took the Malm children home and the McGinnis children had their grandparents to themselves. It will be interesting if Grace ever wants to come back, papa caught her in a bad behavior and talked to her about it. she avoided him the rest of the visit and wouldn't kiss him goodbye when they left on Sunday.

Chris came early to get the girls. He is such a camp director. He was ttaking them swimming. The grand parents continued to work on the motorhome. We are putting peel and stick tile in the bathroom and when I can afford it we are going to put down new carpeting. right now it is Beth's dream home. PINK beside being old and dirty. We are so excited to have it here and so are the grandchildren, they know they will get to travel with us. Now we have to save up for the license plates and we will be off...

So goes the word pictures...I now have batteries for my camera, now if I remember to take it to the concert...I have those senior moments...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday learning trip

Sly old fox Jim McGinnis
I must not be too old to learn new things. Today I was out and about, shopping for material and being happy that I found what I was looking for. Well that was then, then came drama. Personal drama. I got in my new little car and the key would not turn. I tried another key, I tried my own key I messed with all the dials, I put it in gear, I took it out. THE DARN KEY WOULD NOT TURN. Of course it is the warmest day since last September. I was sweating like a pig without water. I ended up calling Jim to help me out. Of course when he arrived he turned the key and it started. Dah, what is the matter with my turning skills...Jim said the steering was locked because I turned sharp and didn't straighten the wheels. He turned the steering wheel and wow it started. To be honest I felt stupid. Why didn't he tell me to try that before he drove all the way from Lowes??? Well an old dog has learned a new trick...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The whole family experiences the motorhome

Kenny likes buttons and cookies.
He also likes driving. I can't wait to see Beth and Mike when Kenny turns sixteen...

Here we are altogether again as we pick our places to sleep and ride. Can you tell that Adam is the happiest? He has been waiting almost a whole year for us to pick up the new motorhome in Grand Junction. I wish I had had room for him to go. He will love being with us and traveling if only in our own backyard so to speak. This is my favorite activity with grands!!!

Motor Home excitement

Waht do you do in the motorhome when there are no tv's to learn to play cards.

Good old 99!!!We havn't played cards with the grands too often so we taught them the game of 99. Competitve is mild to these girls actions. Grace did not want to lose. In the end she won all the money.
I bet we can beat the old folks gracie, listen to the rules, we want the money.

This is our bed...

We spen two nights in Glenwood Springs. Thursday we were TIRED. Friday we got up refreshed and went to the hot springs pool. We had fun, food and sunburn...wouldn't trade it for a million bucks.

My firend Marjorie

Marjorie came to help her daughter recover from a C section. I was so happy that she ahd an evening to come and share dinner and memories with me. 'Time and distance only make love grow stronger. I have missed that daily contact with my beautiful friend. Time has been good to us. We have our grandchildren and children to keep our lives so busy. My life is full of wonderful people.