Friday, August 27, 2010

Retirement rv style

Retired life is wonderful.  We took a 7 day vacation.  It seemed strange not having the grands so we took pictures of ourselves, (we hardly ever do that).  First stop was at Island Acres and Tom Sidell came out to visit with us.  Second stop was the rv park in Clifton.   Tom was our taxi service and we went to Palisade to order peaches.  We bought five boxes and we could of used ten........We joined Debbie and went to lunch with them and tommy.  It was fun.  We parted ways, I went with Debbie to do posters for her class reunion and Jim enjoyed the afternoon with Tom.  We joined forces and went to a wonderful bar b que place and said our goodbyes. y We waited too long to take that trip.  Sunday morning we went to the camp breakfast, picked up our peaches and headed east.  We delivered all the boxes and sorry to say we miscounted and didn't get a box for us. Oh well, I took some from each box.  Kathleen came to St. Vrain on Monday night.  We had a nice visit and she got her peaches and we got delicious spring rolls.  Nice trade.  We relaxed, fished, walked and I even sewed some on my crafting projects.  We came home yesterday and are resting up to take care of the Malm children next week while their parents go to a wedding in Utah.  I bet Kenny can[t wait for me to come over and protect him..........................I am looking forward to it...............
Jim and I visiting the cemetary.
fishing spot across from the rv

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Crafting (or better known as crapting)

Kittens, story telling aprons, crayon caddies and teacher gifts...I think I might have hit on some unique things for my one and only annual craft sale I participate in during the year. HERE'S HOPING!!!
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Monday, August 16, 2010

My blog

Thinking today about quitting my blog.  I think I am the only one who enjoys it and I can make personal albums for my enjoyment.  If you are following my blog, please let me know, other wise bye bye........

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Camping Retired Style

Camping moved to the middle of the week.  We spent Wednesday and Thursday night at Cherry Creek and had so much fun.   We played cards, the children went lake swimming and snail catching.  They rode their bikes and made tents in the rv.  It was agreed that we had the best time...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pirates Cove

Friday began with a trip to the rv lot and loading up the supplies to spend the day at the water park.  We picked up the top Malm six and headed to Grace and Abby's mothers house to pick them up.  We had a total of eight children and two seniors.  I was awarded the job of taking care of Adam and Jim had Mary.  The other six were on their own.  Everyone had a wonderful time, even the reluctant teenagers who really didn't want to come.(word is that they would go with us to the park anytime)  We stayed a record seven hours.  I had told the children that we would not leave until everyone agreed that it was time to go home.  There was so much to do, we hadrly ever saw children, unless they were hungry, which we brought loads of Capri
Sun drinks and bottles of water.  We even took snacks home, we had so much.  Saved a boatload of money, no asked to go to the snack bar.  I was so impressed that I forked out money for them to get iceee drinks.  It was a WONDERFUL day with the grands.  The grandparents came home and crashed...