Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day two at the grandparents house 2009

Ok Papa we can race and race and race, I figured this all out...

Here we are watching tv and playing motorhome...

Malm children Enjoying time at Nana and Papa's

birthdays around christmas draw everyone's attention. it is hard not to want to open the presents for the birthday child. All is well, Kenny didn't care.

Crafting is part of the fun at Nana's. Even Kenny got into the act, using scissors for the first time.

Mary Jane love sunflower seeds with Nana.

We can play together really, as long as Mary is the boss...

I can play motorhome when Mary is not looking...

Look at me I am in the bath with the BIG KIDS. They get bubbles and toys and water in the face!!!

I can throw bubbles at Mary and she didn't even cry.

I can steal everyone's bubbles and call them MINE.

It must be close to time to get out...guess that means bedtime, day one..l.

Look I can wash my hair BY MYSELF...

Who threw that water?

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Friday, December 25, 2009

McGinnis Family Christmas 2009

As usual I loaded the pictures backwards yesterday. I always do that when I am tired. Here is a short run down. christmas Eve was spent at Jim and Chrystal's house. it was wonderful as usual. Their tree was beautiful, their friendship warm and dinner couldn't of better at a five star restaurant. The children were darling as usual. Adam wnated cash this year. At six he is quite persuasvive so we obliged. I hung it on Jim's tree and he was quick to discover it before dinner. It made his day. I think he wants to purchase online games with it, so mama Beth said she would monitor his spending. Abby and Grace wanted Wii fit, so it was. Now the funny thing. The Malm children wated IPODS from Santa. So it was agreed that we would purchase the Itunes cards for the top four. The werent too exciting on Christmas Eve, but come yesterday morning they were the hit of the day, they could download music and Jon could add to his three songs he has had since September 28, 2009. Breakfast at the Malm's was as hectic as always with seven children and four adults. Mary Jane was the show stopper. She sat next to me and tried so hard to please me by eating everything I put on her plate. She sat in fromt of Jim and I openeing her presents. One could laugh and laugh, the older children would hand her a present and soon she had so many in front of her. She fixed that, she would tear open the paper, take a quick glance throw it aside for the next wrapped present. Jim and I just sat there enjoying the moments. Kenny was a typical 2 year old. He opened one present and was satisfyed. One was enough for him, so Adam helped out and opened a few of Kenny's. Jim helped Mary get alal of the wire and plastic off her gifts. She was insistent that he place things in her order. I watched Adam Jim, he has the brute mentality of opening those darned plastic and wires. He put in whole body into it and ripped them from their boxes. I don't think I have ever seen that method by any of the other children. They usually waited for Papa to take out his knife and open them for them, Not Adam Jim, he is a do it yourself kid. We had a beautiful Christmas and grandchildren make it so special. I am happy they include us in their celebrations, although I was dead tired by noon yesterday, and too tired to write any comments on the pics.... Kenny comtemplating his gifts.
Adam figuring out is Pirate Island.

Kenny hitting the trash with his sword. He hit Jon, and Jon proclained it hurt, but he smiled at Kenny.

Megan following Mary's lead picking up the wrapping paper.

Stinker Belle and her new doll. How sweet it is to remember Beth and her big doll Merry Christmas when she was three.

Beth contempllating the mounds of toys that seven children create.

Mary Jane looking at her loot...

Christmas Eve, Mary Jane with her motorhome. She was so happy. Even christmas morning she was playing with it. She told Papa not to make it messy...

Chrystal and her long awaited apron.

Nana and Kenny plaing with his first electronic toy. I am sure he will have many to come in the future if he follows suit to his brothers and sisters!

Adam Jim eating dessert.

The childrens tables!!!

adult table and Jon got to sit with us...oh how the time goes by so fast...

Adam discovered his hard cold cash on the tree before dinner.

The tree with all it has to give, I heard that it fell over on Christmas afternoon. Glad I wasn't there I would of had to cry and pout...memories of a tree that fell on Christmas morning during the unwrapping in Pueble. I was such a brat then, I went out to the front porch and cried and refused to forgive Jim for not wiring it up...that was then now I would probably laugh.

Jon and Mary Jane the odd couple...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas time

Last evening we shared a meal with Jim's two sisters and then we went to show off our decorated building with our relatives. It is the first time I have seen Mike and Peg in a very long time. Mike is looking more like my dad than I realized. The building was as beautiful as I remembered from November 30, when I played for the morning workers. The time at the building reminded me that as a Sullivan family we are not very close. Seems like Jim and I are falling further behind in family relationships with our extended families. I can't decide if it is me or them. I sure would hate to leave this earth soon without figuring out the problem. I hate this disconnect...