Saturday, February 27, 2010

The day goes all wrong, but God saved our famiy

Jim and I thought we would get a headstart on the camping season.  Jim changed the oil, we bought a new battery, I bought new coverlets and shams for our beds and fixed everything up.  We went for a drive, I drove, then we decided to go back to our house for  a minute, next thing we know, our neighbor was pounding on the door warning us that our beloved TIN CAN was on fire.  I don't know how to explain how I feel.  grateful that we did not have grands in the home.  glad we were at our townhouse, sad to see the party wagon go up in flames and Jim struggling to get it into control.  No luck the firemen put out the fire along with breaking four windows.  The ceiling melted, and the pink chairs are no longer sittable.  We are safe, the insurance adjuster is coming in two days and a tow truck took our home back to it's storage yard.  Out of sight, but not out of mind.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

dresses, skirts and more dresses

My camera is not taking very good pics lately, I need to take it in and get it fixed, because I like it.
Anyway here are some pics of the clothes I made last week. The blue is Mary's, the gold is Kelly's and it is so cute. it is a sundress with the little shrug over the top. Megan's outfit is a black paisley and she looks so cute in that flared style jacket and skirt. I am sewed out now, but a burst of energy always produces some cute clothes. I am very proud of these creations.

Mary and Adam come to spend the night

The Malm family wanted to go to see the new Twilight movie so Papa and I took Mary and Adam so Jon only had Kenny to watch. They came Sunday night and we discussed that Adam's blanket was a little smelly.(to say the least) He agreed that it could be washed on Monday, but I had to PROMISE and swear that he would get it back in time for bed on Monday night! I delivered and it was clean and smelled of fabric softener. He was happy and I know everyone else around him will be happy too.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

sewing frenzy coming to an end

Well a couple of weeks ago I was tired of playing with my pretty papers so I pulled out some material that I had on hand to make some clothes for Beth and Megan. I finished those projects and Beth went to a sale on cloth and wouldn't you know there was enough material to make:

Mary one dress, one purse and one calico cat
Kelly one sundress, one purse, one calico cat and one shrug
Megan three skirts, one pair of pants, two jackets and two calico cats

Then my neighbor who knew I sewed brought over some talor work. I finished that today and returned her slacks.

I think the sweat shop is now closed to the private and public both. I am sewed out for awhile. My camera is on the fritz so if you want to see the creations you have to go to Beth's blog. She has been good to post the pictures! (no more sales for awhile, please.)