Monday, July 20, 2009

Goodbye sweet kitty

Today is a sad day. We had to have Baby put down. He has been sick and I don't want him to suffer. He has given us over twelve years of enjoyment. I hate this part of owning pets. They become so entwined in your life that it is hard to let them go. Baby was one of a kind. He enjoyed a life of adventure. He began by naming himself. I had him a week before he responded to "you are such a Baby." So Casper became Baby. He loved New Orleans. One time he got out and I couldn't find him. The next morning I heard him crying. He was lost and crying on the third floor of the building. We lived on the first floor. He seldom tried to get out after that incident. He loved company. Anyone who came to visit, he eventually let them pet and hold him. He especially liked people who had cats. He could pick them out everytime.
I will miss him. He was company when Jim was gone, he was funny and playful to almost the end. No more pets for awhile, it hurts too much to let them go.

A visit to Lyons Colorado

Maggie Stewart models my dog coats that I plan on selling at the Smoky Hill craft fair in November. She loved it. she pranced around and let me mess with it. After the pet show, Patty took us to Lyons and we had lunch at a German restaurant, shopped at a nice quilt shop and just had a nice afternoon with Jim's sister. It was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

the new computer station

Instead of going camping this weekend we are catching up on home organization...

Friday, July 17, 2009

updated photos

Some times I get in a hurry and post pictures you can't really see. Today I edited the pics so you can really see the children. Sorry for the others, I will try to post visable pics when possible. Mary

July 4 2009

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Camping with the Grands

Are we leaving yet?

funny face

my sore lip

we are ready to roll
my sandbox

exercise those bodies

get that tent up for the snoring man of the party

I am ready for bed

hiking in back of the motorhome


relaxing with a good Harry Potter book

taking a nap with Nana

going home oh, so ,sad...

Now I remember so clearly why no one comes to visit in the summer if you live in Pueblo. HOT does not even describe it. As we drove down, the temperature rose and rose. We opened all the windows evenif it was a little noisy while driving to the resivoir. Very few trees lots of weeds, but Mary was sure that all that dirt was her private sandbox. Even this am when we were packing up to leave, she wanted to go out to her sandbox. Well it is WINDY in Pueblo. I forgot how windy it could get. The awning is now history, it blew off in a microburst. Misery loves company. Anyone who had their awning out lost theirs too. Scared me when it flipped over the motorhome. Glad Chris was here to help Jim take it down and to the trash. It was a sad moment. Awnings are lifesavers in hot sun. Thank goodness the air conditioner worked wonders. We were able to survive. no more camping in hot places...It was fun and relaxing but just too darn hot to move around during the day, EXCEPT for the water pump across from the space. I swear we need water pumps in our backyards. The children played and played in the water. It was downright cold, but those children didn't even notice.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Number 63!!!

Picture taker forgot to aim the camera to catch the people there to celebrate with me. Celebrating were Jim, Jim,Chrystal, Chris, Grace and Abby. We had fun with cards and dominoes!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Carol's pictures have arrived

Beth, Megan, Jon and Patrick Jim and Chrystal

Megan and Mary

Adam, Abby and Patrick

Grace and Megan

Papa and Mary

Adam, Abby and Patrick

Chris, Abby and Grace

The James boys
James Hunter Heard, James Heard, James Stewart,James Cooper Rhyne, James William McGinnis, James Wright McGinnis, James ? (Rhyne) James "Jamey Rhyne And Adam James Malm

The whole family

Better picture of Da family

Jim and Mary whole family

Jim, Mary, Jim, Chris and Beth

Jim, Chrystal, Beth, Mike, Jon, Meg, Patrick,Kelly,Adam, Mary and Kenny, Chris, Abby and Grace

Perry, Susan, James, Kelsey, Cooper, Ellison and Hunter

The whole Rhyne Family

Grammy Patty with Allison, Chloe and Reilly

The Rhyne Family
Susan, Perry, Traci, Jamey and Suzette

The second generation
Perry, Patty, Jim, Susan and Mary

Second generation
Patty Stewart, Jim McGinnis and Susan Rhyne

Stewart family