Thursday, January 28, 2010

sewing days

Lately I have been busy playing with paper. All kinds and made some cards. Now I am tired of paper, so I dragged out my material from the stash and made Kelly a skirt (which I don't think she likes much, which is ok with me) and an outfit for Meg. She loved it. Now I am finishing a dress for my beautiful daughter. She bought the material some time ago and I didn't feel like sewing. Now I do and I am proud to say it turned out lovely. I went to her house with it in pieces yesterday and taylored it to her. I know she likes it and so do I!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jury duty

Sometimes just when I think it is safe something comes up that throws a monkey wrench into my quiet sedated life. I was called for jury duty today, if you know where I live you will understand that this process is no little matter. We live in Adams county, so jury service in in Brighton. (measured milage 21 miles) Well I got there at the appointed time and that was no easy stroll in the park. When you have an oxygen tank you bleep all over the place and you have to be searched. Just loved that part? Then to the jury assemble room. 500 seats! Wow jury power in Brighton is larger than Denver. (accoring to the judge that greeted us) Well there were three jury trials for today. The bailiff came down and read the first 20 names for the first trial. Safe, just like baseball. Twenty minutes later the bailiff was here again for another trial. Long pauses reading the names but safe again. Twenty minutes later I was sitting in the lucky spot. The trial for district court was settled and we all got to go home for another year. I can't say that I am sorry. I know it is important and I showed up, but down deep I am grateful to go home, turn on the tube, have a cup of coffee and veg out. So much for my patriotism.

Monday, January 25, 2010

All on a Monday night

New outfit I made for Megan.
New skirt for Kelly.

Dinner at the McGinnis residence with a game of 31. Nana WON!!!

Modeling the new clothes!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

finding gems

Chris and Beth on the Florida Band Trip!!!
Patrick, Jon, Megan and Grace, when we took them on the train ride to "nowhere" at the Royal Gorge.

Megan and her cousin Kelsey.

Jonathan with his usual look of why are you taking my picture now! Nana.

I was looking through some old stickers today and ran across some interesting pictures, hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nana's Mary fix

The bathtub to myself!
Wash my body.

Get my fingernails cut and love on "hoppa."

Work on my artwork and enjoy my own tv! I wanted some grand time, so Mary has joined Jim and I for a couple of days and nights. She is the sweetest child. She even noticed I got a new gown and robe. We are enjoying each other's company. Time goes by fast, next year she will be in school, but not to cry, Kenny will be able to come and spend some time with me.

Friday, January 8, 2010

An evening at the Malms

Beth needed babysitting for Thursday evening. The two eldest had a band concert. It is the school districts attempt to recruit band members for high school. The high school band joined two middle schools for a concert. Nana and Papa stayed home and played with Mary and Kenny. Adam and Patrick did their computer games and Kelly went to the concert with her mother.
Kenny's play camera is a hit with all the children. Kelly snaps me.
Mary snaps me.

Mary puts Kenny's train together.

papa gets kenny ready for bed.

Kenny begs for candy.

papa finishes Kenny's diaper change so he can be locked in his room. The little stink climbs out of his crib and runs downstairs saying hi, if you don't lock him in his room.