Saturday, February 26, 2011

Playing with the three youngest grandchildren

Potato heads are fun.  "Nana why do you think they are artwork?"  Secretly, I don't want to clean up a mess today.  So artwork with you Potato Heads!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

painting the bedrooms in the new house

Suffice to say i am too tired to write this afternoon.  I also forgot to take pictures of Chris' room which he painted sand and his bath too.  We painted three bedrooms, one bath and three large closets.  I will write later...enjoy the girls pics, they worked hard...........Now it is Monday morning.  I am stiff, I am tired and I am married to an old man whose back hurts, he is tired and we both feel OLD.
The girls were darling this weekend.  Abby worried about me and my oxygen.  She painted like a pro and did not complain until it was all done and she announced painting was work and she didn't particularly like it.  I had to laugh yesterday when she looked around her room and said out loud that the colors reminded her of one of her friends shirts.  She was right it has a rugby shirt look.  She calls it croquet........
Grace had had enough painting.  She worked like a storm trooper on Saturday, but often disappeared on Sunday.  Her room looks like St. Patricks Day personified.  She loves the color.
Chris kept his impatience under control.  It is hard to let 9 and 11 year olds paint without getting upset.  I thought he did well although they were not as neat as he would of liked.  Old expectations of young shoulders.  Young expectations of old parents................
We were glad to help and are excited for his life moving up.  He has done an incredible job raising two girls on his own.  We love them all........

Thursday, February 10, 2011


When your granddaughter says she wants to be a rockstar, Nana needs to listen to what she wants to wear.  She asked me if I could put skulls and crossbones on her vest.  I didn't know that Wal-mart carries feminine skulls and crossbone material.  Here is the rockstars vest.  An electric guitar and note finish it up.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Vest update

I tried to fix the photo so display the color better. Still does'nt look quite right.
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Spring break pre-view

I have invited the granddaughters to a sew with Nana day during spring break.  I bought some lovely velvet to make vests.  I bought  patterns that are designed for learn to sew for the girls.  I wanted to see how they would look, so I cut out Mary's and sewed it this morning.  I embroidered the hearts on the front and added a ribbon.  Think they will be darling. and EASY too boot.  The picture makes it look gray but it is actually a light greenish gray.  I think it is cute.  Hope Mary thinks so too!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

St. Hogs day

When our children were little they equated birthdays with church occasions.  Young Jim had his birthday on a holy day, I have the 4th of July so they just knew that their dad's birthday was special.  Not groundhogs day but St. Hogs day.  Well number 66 arrived and Jim refused to go outside and check out if he could see his shadow.  dissappointed grandkids!!!