Sunday, April 25, 2010

Camping spring style

Camping spring style, have motor home,electric heaters grandchildren and we are off!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Abby and Grace first communion

April 11, 2010

camping 2010 style

Well I finally did it.  I stupidly removed the pictures from my camera without copying them to my blog.  The are lost forever!!!  You are missing Adam on his bike learning to ride.  Mary on her bike with her orange cup as her water bottle.  You are missing six children camping in the new RV.  Thank god for our own children.  We now can camp again.  You are missing pictures of nine grandchildren Beth and Chris and Nana and Papa having dinner together in the new motorhome.  Guess I will try and not be so stupid when I take the First communion pictures today.  In my mind I can see the nine of us camping at Cherry Creek and loving every minute of it, hating to have to go home.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Francks hotel and resort 3\23-3/31

One never knows what to expect at Carol and Mikes house.  One day balmy next 2 feet of snow.  The grands love to come to play in the cottage and count Carol's signs in the house.  This time they also counted all the flags.  They wondered why she had flags and I didn't considering my birthday is the fourth of July.  I just laugh...Patrick won another Math award and he was so excited he brought this years trophy and medal along with the third grade awards.  I was so happy to take his picture.  Today I am tired, but it was an enjoyable time.  Yesterday when I picked up Lucy from the vet, Tommy was so happy to have her home.