Friday, July 27, 2012

Kelly and her gymnastic career

 Mary Jane in her "gleo"
 Kelly in printed Leo with silver booty shorts
 Printed leo
 silver leo

I am going to the state meet...6th overall and 3rd in beam and floor exercise!
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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Birthday number 9 July 26, 2012

 It's my birthday and I will smile if I want too....
 My birthday cupcake...I hate cake so have a donut...Mary and I will eat cake for breakfast tomorrow....
Happy birthday Adam!!!  I am nine years old...How fast they grow up....

Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 5 Birthday week 2012

Adam Jim and his meditation room...Kenny's pee tree
Tent city
Happy hour
More happy hour
Taking a break from the other children, Megan
Bike repair
happy hour participants Jon, Beth and Patrick

Chief cook Megan
Mary Jane

Hot air Patrick and Abby

As you may have noticed, day 5.  BUSY BUSY BUSY is the word of the week.  It was fun fun fun and more fun.  Nine grandchildren, three kids, their spouses and the inlaws from Tuson.  it was a wonderful week of family.  No wonder I am tired today.  Got the motor home put up and the groceries put away.  Jim is doing the mountain and I mean mountain of laundry.  We used every single towel in the rv all the dish towels, all the dish cloths.  Guess it was time to come home.  Of course if we wanted the restroom facilities have washers and dryers, so if we stayed we could of caught up.  NO PROBLEM,  time to come home.  I had such a good time I forgot to shoot pictures...A good time was had by all as of the last reports....