Friday, June 24, 2011

family life

Z or better said "Sandy"
I am at home!!!



Rider, Rider Mary

I am a big boy

Movies in the "loft.:


I love baths with Nana

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Patrick, Kelly, Adam, Mary, Grace and Abby go camping!

burning marshmallows

being good

riding bikes on the path!

getting ready to come home

reading the comics while burning marshmallows

our bike collection

wearing a dress camping

look!  I can make it up this steep hill

4 of six

Six of nine grands went with us to St Vrain State Park.  We fished, we biked, we walked, we played games and best of all we ate.  (and we ate and we ate)  The children are bottomless pits.  We had to go to the store on Monday in order to make it till Wednesday.  All is well, no one starved to death.  Made them drink lots of water rather than sweet drinks.  It was so enjoyable, will take this group anywhere, anytime, it was a congenial three and one half days.  Thanks to their parents for entrusting these beautiful souls with Nana and Papa, we are truly blessed.