Thursday, July 28, 2011

Megans project

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Adam's eighth birthday celebration July 26,27,28

Party hat

My big red do

party celebrator Kelly

party goers

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eight candles

blow'em out

me and my brother Kenny


swimming attire

bubble blowing

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Monday, July 25, 2011

room renovation and making school clothes

Mary and Kelly's room

Kenny's new bed

princess Megan and her antique furniture

Patrick computing

Megan and Kelly hard at work sewing

New skirt

new skirt made by Megan for Kelly

Megan holding part of the dress she is making

Kelly did most of the work on this skirt
Posted by PicasaWe stayed with the malm kids last weekend.  (July 9) So we did some redocorating in the children's rooms.  Megan's room was first.  Sage green with new comforter and drapes, added by my grandmother's antique bedroom set in Cherry.  Beautiful start for the freshman in high school.
Then we tackled Kenny's room and later in the week added a loft bed for Adam.
The girls wanted their bunks lowered.  We set them up, cleaned out their mountains of clothes, went to goodwill and there you have a it sweet girls room.

Now we are readying for school.  Making lots of skirts and having fun sewing.  Two sewing machines going and time about with the serger.  Love it, no fighting or arguing, just working.  Now the Nana is tired and is going to bed because tomorrow is Adam's birthday and we are taking him camping. 

Monday, July 11, 2011


When our daughter and husband take a respite, we take over the house and children.  Megan got my grandmother's furniture from my sister Ellen.  Her room looks like a room from the Antlers Hotel in colorado Springs.  Sage green with dark cherry wood dressers, mirrors and bedstead.

Kenny got a total rework.  Killed his walls, cleaned the carpet, painted the toy table and painted the walls.  Oh how happy he was to do a headstand on his car bed.  (formerly Adam's bed)

The two little girls, Kelly and Mary got their hearts desire.  The bed taken down to make two twin size beds and their closets cleared and cleaned.

Good will will have a hey day with clothes, shoes, toys and assorted items.  Their room look great too.

Poor Adam, he felt left out so he rearranged his nest in the basement and took the girls left overs and put up on the wall.  (Harry Potter)  I felt bad that he had to do it himself as we all pitched in, including Ellen, to fix the three bedrooms upstairs.

Mike and Beth arrived home early, and were visibly pleased with the rooms.  It is a good feeling, now I am tired.  So is Jim...awhile before we take kids again. hahahaha

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

THE BIG EVENT (turning 65)

Abby going to pet a doe

croquet anyone?

I hope my feet will grow into these frog feet

Beach bums

bike riding

Lucious(couldn't remember spelling) and Mary

First teen in the next generation to drive the Ford

The 4th was more than I had hoped and dreamed about since last year.  The camping sites were wonderful and Owen's had plenty of space for their family as well as ours.  We arrived on Friday the 1st and everyone was so happy to be together once again.  The all pulled their own weight and set up the campsite.  The three room tent was a great solution!  four kids and Chris in the great ooutdoors.  Each had their own side with chris in the middle (two to a side room)

Jim and I stayed in the rv with mary and Adam.  I don't know what I would do without my wonderful jim.  He sacrificed lots of time to help me and help with the children.  He even endured sun sick so they could play in the lake.  No one is more blessed then me.

We burnned marshmallows four nights in a row.  We had a campfire, wonderful food and best of all our family.

On Sunday, Beth and Mike with the teens and Kenny came over.  Stayed for dinner and added so much humor.  My cousin Kathleen brought Chance and we celebrated the heat and wheelchair. His surgury is only three weeks out so he had to stay on crutches or wheelchair.  He managed to scare me at first with rolling the chair down the hill to keep up with the other children.  It was fun!  He is delightful and I knew he wanted to stay but no way with his recovery in the balance.  Next time he can ride bikes and swim and chase all the kids.

Sunday came and went, the next day, my birthday!!!

We woke early (as usual) and mary told me a secret.  She loves the 4th of July because it is my birthday.  She could not wait for cake.  She had to wait til 7pm.  We had more company.  Perry and James from Charleston came down and patty Stewart came, along with our own nuclear family, the Owens from Tuson.  We ate chicken and ribs to full guts and then we ate cake and Ring Dings from New York.  The water supply was replensihed often but no one died of thirst.  I am TIRED today but wanted to share some thoughts about turning 65.  It is a blessing to be here and watch grandchildren grow and thrive.  it is wonderful to know that they love this old woman and spend time with her.  My blessings of life keep growing, thank you all for celebrating with me.