Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010 at Malm's house

My batteries died early in the celebration, but you can get the jist.  Kenny thought Adams toys were his.  One can never win with seven active children.  Adam got the gun from us and it is still a hit.  I even bought more darts for it yesterday.  Megan and Jon were the santa helpers.  Our job came after opening, getting the toys out of the boxes.................sweet memories...

Children entertain Nana

  1. Artwork by Mary and Adam
  2. The original design did not have hair or crowns
  3. Mary added the design kindergartener

Mary and Adam, My entertainment!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holding down the fort

I don't know how anyone with seven children can have time to take pictures.  It was all I could do to go to the bathroom without someone following me and asking what I was doing...The teens were wonderful helpers, when they were up, the preteens tried so hard to please and the little ones couldn't of been sweeter and messier if they tried.  Kenny dutifully brought his diaper to Papa,  He calls Papa POP.  I wasn't quite sure I heard it right the first time, but that is his name for him.  Mary change my name.  She asked permission to call me nanny.  Maybe I remind her of a goat, who knows?  Adam was a sweet seven year old.  He was mad that the Scrabble box said 8+.  We tried to play....Kelly got mad at me, I don't know what for or why but we worked it out and we both are going to try to smile at each other.  I will see how long that will last.  Patrick got sick on my watch...REALLY SICK.  I hope he recovers soon, it scared me.  I don't like things to happen on my watch.  Beth's watch fine, mine NO WAY.  I got sick too and haven't recovered.  I think the kids were grateful I lost my voice.  They could only hear me if they came close.  Good excuse, "I didn't hear you."  Megan is a typical 13 year old girl.  Careful, you may make her mad, she might run to her room and later be as sweet as ever.  I hate teen hormones!  I am glad I don't have 24 hrs a day 7 days a week ignoring it.  I already did that.
Interesting with Jonathan.  He does most of Beth's babysitting and so I noticed a power struggle between he and Me.  I would ask someone to do something and he would either clarify, add on or change the instruction.  finally I mentioned it to him, he shyly said he noticed it.  I kept wondering how he thought I did taking care of him when he was little.  Actually made me laugh.
Beth and Mike looked so relaxed when they arrived home.  I felt frazzeled, tired and  a little cranky.  (poor Jim)  So it is back to the two of us until we start camping again....SOON I hope...

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

Climb aboard the teen train

 Watch it, dart guns in motion
 Cups with school supplies!!!
 Hurry up with those presents!!!

Wow look what I got guys...

Hostess of the evening, chrystal

Host, our son Jim

Snuggie sisters

 More snuggie sisters
snuggie cousins...

More snuggie cousins

My couch mates, Mike, Beth, Megan and Kelly dropping by.

Adam with his gun...stick em up

 Kids firing darts at one another
 papa helping put toys together ( no I wasn't drinking, someone bumped me as I clicked)
 Ready or not, FIRE!!!!!

Christmas eve was everything  grandparents could hope for.  wonderful prime rib dinner, darling kids and wonderful grown children.  We laughed, loved and lived the spirit of Christmas.  It was touching when Chrystal realized that the plane tickets were for this morning so she could celebrate with her family in Tuson.
Jim really surprised her. 
I will post this morning's pics later, but be sure to know that Jim and I loved every moment at Beth and Mike's this morning.  I loved how they shared their stockings with us and every detail of what was in them.  (the little ones)  the teens are more nonchalant, not sharing unless you probe.  We stayed almost til 11 am which is unusual for us.  We usually watch and run.  tomorrow we go over at 11am so Mike and Beth can leave for a well deserved rest.  We rested up today, and are looking forward to the adventures of the Malm family...Maybe I will have time to blog...dreaming................

Monday, December 13, 2010

the rest of Grand week

Happy ninth birthda Abby

Did this come from Hobby Lobby?

Oh you got me Legos

mind game like Frankenstein

Abby and her mind game

Grace at the choir concert

choir concert

Grace and her new apron

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Grand week

Adam at their ward Christmas dinner

Mary at Christmas dinner

children singing

Adam with his hands on his hips

Mary modeling at the boutique

Kenny, bathtime on his day away from Mom and Dad

The cast of the school play

our star

prop man extrodinaire
I will write the descriptions later....