Monday, July 19, 2010

Colorado River escape

This is the beautiful setting at our campsite.  rushing water, rafters laughing...

Glenwood Christopher style

We arrived at our campsite on the colorado river Friday afternoon.  The traffice in Denver was awful, so glad after we passed Vail that the traffic thinned.  Our site was right on the river.  The view below is what we saw when we cooked, sat out or played cards.  Saturday morning we headed for the hot springs pool.  We arrived before 9 am and we didn't leave til almost 5pm.  It was fun, it was hot, it was tiring, but the children had a blast on the diving board and the water slides.  Chris bought them all day passes and the for sure got their monies worth.  We enjoyed watching them go from the slides to the diving board and back again.  Jim and Chrystal drove up in their Camaro and joined us for the afternoon.  Chrystal had never been to Glenwood so it was a treat for her.  the girls were so excited to see uncle Jim and talk him into buying waterslide tickets so he could go with them.  He didn't dissapoint them they got in line and started sliding.  Jim had a little scare, he and Abby were in a double, riding fast and up and down when it flipped in the tube, Jim grabbed Abby and they arrived at the bottom without the tube.  Abby looked up and said,"I'm alright, I'm alright."  Nexzt ride down with Grace Jim had to assure her he wouldn't do any of his tricks, so she went.  We were all burned to a crisp, but it was a lifetime memory for me.  Sunday am, Chris told me he thought about the zip line and decided that he and the girls would go for it.  the first pictures are of the practice session and the last pictures are arriving back across the Colorado river.  It was reported that "zipping" was absolutely fabulous.  I hate heights, no zipping for me.  Sunday night we played 31 outside on the picnic table.  It was fun watching the river rafters, trains and Grace win all the money.(ha ha)  Monday morning came too soon, we knew the trip was coming to an end.  We did our chores and I snapped the funny face photo.  Hated to see it end...

Monday, July 5, 2010

My birthday celebration 2010

  1. HAIL, HAIL THE GANGS ALL HERE, and darn it, it rained again this year.
  2. Kenny hates hail on the roof...
  3. Patrick hates his picture taken.Good bye everyone see you next time!!!
  • Weenie roast

It is Tuesday morning and my blogger is acting up, but I will write this as best i can.  The weekend started with Papa picking up Abby and Grace on Thursday afternoon.  "We didn't know you had to do this work before we could go."  Friday afternoon we headed for the Malm residence and picked up four more grands, Adam, Mary, Kelly and Patrick.  We landed at the park about 3pm.  Excitement arose as we waited for Chance and Kathleen to arrive.  Who knew we could have so much family fun?  so dinner the first night, a hit, roasting weenies on the campfire and playing with our food.  What else could a child want?   A nature talk with SMOKEY THE BEAR!!! Saturday, the second day.  Kids went to Nature talk with the rangers from the park, leaned about being aware of the animals in the park.  Ranger visits campsite, grouchy people next door accuse kids of running thru their campsite.  No problem, we just asked the children to stay away from them.  Adam and Mary played with me and the others went to the swim beach.  I liked the quiet time and Mary and Adam were cute company.  More bike riding when they got home, then game playing and finally dinner.  No, my kabob idea was a flop, "what is this"  do we have to eat it?"  I HATE we made ice cream floats and all was well, maybe.  Day three, Sunday, had Papa's cinnamon toast, great hit!!!  Kathleen came and we had such a wonderful visit.  Children went on a nature walk with the rangers, they loved it, got to get in the ponds, catch minnows and get all muddy and wet.  Ate Bennetts bbq and then Kathleen decided that she and Chance needed to go home.  He forggot his sleeping bag and they had to go around to the other side of the park to get back in.  He needs it for camp this next week.  What grandparents won't do for their grands?  Jim and Chrystal arrived and brought their bikes.  They took the children on a long ride, good they did it early...the rest of the Malm's arrived and then the sky let loose.  It was reported at the weather station that we got 2 inches of rain mixed with hail.  We crowded into the RV and began playing cards, watching movies and listening to Kenny scream because he hated to sound of the hail on the "tin can."  We fed them and in between storms they and the Jim and Chrystal left.  It was quiet in the RV.  Chris and Papa played Gin Rummy, the children watched a movie the park ranger Linda came by with gifts for the children for being such wonderful campers and nature lovers and soon it was day four, time to go home.  I always hate this part, I have so much time with the children on a different level.  It is time I will cherish forever.  We put stuff away, cleaned up the RV and campsite and said our goodbyes.  I am tired, but a good tired, these are memories that one can't dream up, it makes life interesting and fun in these "older" days.  Next year we are getting two campsites so that there is more sleeping room.  (we can have three tents and Rv)
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