Monday, May 24, 2010

Family picnic at Jim and Chrystal's house

We arrived home from camping, took a shower and clean clothes and headed for Jim and Chrystal's picnic.  Nice...lot's of people, lot's of food and water guns and playing in the water feature..  (some tears, some fears and plenty of laughter)  I delivered the dresses I made last week and I could tell they liked them. I have been running a temp for a few days, so we left early, I may have to visit my Dr. if this continues...I  feel like a party pooper but I do what I can.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

cross all your body parts

Chris, his two girls and their friends decided to go fishing.  Papa and I joined in and brought the rv.  When we got to St. Vrain Chris announced that we should cross our fingers that maybe there would be a space to spend the night.  (we didn't have a reservation)  The girls crossed everything they could while strapped in their seatbelts.  The guy at the gate recognized Papa and he gave us the last space.  Campers we, getting dirty, playing cards and more fishing!!!  Fun was had by all...

Grace and Annie

Abby and Paige

Chris and his catfish
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Our Vacation with Mary Jane

The pictures are in no particular order.  On Sunday, Mother's day we went to St Vrain outside of Longmont.  The weather was beautiful and warm.  Mary played in the dirt and went fishing with "hoppa".  She loved her fishing pole and she stood there for an hour, not complaining that she didn't catch anything.  On Monday my cousin Kathleen came and we had lunch with and her grandson Chance.  Chance went fishing with Jim.  He is a very sweet eleven year old.  His mother had to go out of town on business, so Chance got to spend time with Kathleen and Doris.  I forgot to take pictures, but we had lots and lots of fun.  I tried to teach Kath how to make my famous little boxes.  I like to go to St. Vrain because I get to visit and camp at the same time.  Tuesday morning we decided to came back to Cherry Creek because of the weather forecast, snow, snow and more snow.  As we were leaving the park the first lake was a haven for white Pelicans.  They were beautiful.  When we arrived at Cherry Creek Mary was afraid we were going to take her home.  She was wonderful company and she is such a beautiful little spirit.  Her favorite room in the RV is the bathroom.  All five year olds love to play in water.  It was too cold to play outside so she made up her own games.  She washed her doll and anything else she brought down from the overhang, or as she called it "her Room."  We played games, we played with paper, we watched movies, we watched tv and most of all we just relaxed for the five days and four nights.  Yesterday afternoon we had a treat of a lifetime, the white tail deer herd grazed right outside our window in the RV.  We were even noisy and they stayed around, just looking to make sure we were not coming near.  Mary Jane was so excited!!!  If we were rich we could do this everyday, but we aren't...we are happy though.  Mary was ready to go home today.  She made presents for her mother and spent a lot of time talking about her family.  We are blessed that our grands know us well enough to spend time away from home and enjoy themselves.  I look forward to more days of rv'ing with our family.  Papa vacuuming before leaving today.Mary loved throwing snow at Papa but she almost cried when he hit her in her hair and it stuck...