Friday, September 24, 2010

Meeting the ladies with the seven children

Tonight was one special night. The Malm family, Nana and papa met Melinda Beth, her dad Tom and her seven children.  It was quite a site to see two large families.  Mike and Beth took us all out to dinner.  What a feast.  One for the tummy and one for the eyes.  I loved seeing two large families come together.  How often do we ever get the chance to meet people we only know on the internet.  Melinda is from South Carolina, not too far from Susan and Perry in GooseCreek.  Her dad Tom is accompanying her and the children, as his wife passed away suddenly, recently.  Melinda has made a wonderful trip for them all.  visiting state capitols, National parks, tourist traps and meeting us, strangers for the first time.  I will treasure the time with the two families and their tribes..................Thank you Tom and Melinda...............

Saturday, September 18, 2010

An old and new experience

I have so much fun in life.  I am sitting here at my computer after spending yesterday and most of today in the hospital.  I can't seem to stay far enough away from them but I guess when you need one, be happy they take you.  The new University hospital is as beautiful as a four seasons hotel.  I was much impressed by the service, care and hospitality of the whole staff.  I believe that this is the friendliest hospital I have ever been in and you all know I have visited a few.  Seems like the 64 year old is riddled with infection from top to bottom.  No one can say I don't do it up good when I get sick.  As usual I worried that I went to the ER with simple problems and they would say, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF OLD WOMAN.  But guess I really let things get to far and so I was shown to the 6th floor.  My room was decorated with beautiful art a stunning view of the mountains and the usual hospital stuff.  The rooms are private, so Jim could of spent the night on the fold out sofa, but I sent him was a long and tiring day.  I got to come home because I have Jim to take care of me, and he is doing wonderful.  I will have to do something special when he has his cataract surgery.  The funniest part of the stay was last evening when the staff doctor came to see me.   I would guess he was in his early thirites, he said he had a kindergarten age son.   He went through all the things that are wrong with me, then the list of previous things.  Without thinking he looked at me and said we are keeping you because you look terrible.  If I was vain I might have felt bad, but I was sick so I didn't give a darn how I looked!!!  He looked shocked that that had come from his mouth.  I refrained from laughing until he left.  I am going to follow the instructions as best I can.  This time I may of pushed the envelope a little further than I should of..................

Monday, September 13, 2010

Another 4 in the morning visit to the Malms

Sharing the information with the little ones, (without getting mad)

What else do you want me to do?  I vacuumed and picked up...

Look at MY toys...

You can't catch me Nana 

Racer boy........

Buzz to the rescue!!!

Kenny stacking toys on his blanket

Kenny and Mary playing toy Story

Patrick post surgery...did GREAT, looks horrible...............

Sunday, September 12, 2010

St. Vrain for any season

I accidently erased the pictures.  too bad really good one of the bull snake, the otter and the dead frog.(and Grace and Abby)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Papa just can't sit still and watch tv!!!

 Did what Nana wanted done!!!

Sanded and primed one day...painted the next         the first day he and Mary Jane moved the wood................

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday with 7 children (Kelly is at friends)

Jon is winning Pogo badges for Nana(the hard ones)
Kenny is watching Toy Story
Mary Jane is the artsy child....
Patrick arrived from Jason's to play computer
Adam had to take a break because Nana wanted his computer!!!

Megan 13 is hiding in her room again.    Papa is in the car listening to CU beat CSU.  Kelly is at Courtney's.  Nana is trying to blog on this laptop.  They are hard to type on.....Papa and Nana agree that anyone who takes a nap on Sunday deserves it.  I was raised with 6 siblings, but that does not prepare one for the responsibilties.  I would not trade my position for any amount of money.  Hats off to my daughter and anyone else that tackles seven.  It is a three ring circus here.  I learned the hard way to put things up, I already lost my USB charging cord.  it cost $20.41 to replace it!!!!!  This stupid computer printed more than one copy of the pics and won't let me delete them...enjoy the encore

Thursday, September 2, 2010

playing with computer

Mary in her new fish dress

showing Nana who is boss
spinning on frisbee
Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!!!
helping with pick a jobs (before crying cause I took the stick away)
pick a job Nana style (

asked this morning if we could do a group job again
tired but excited

good morning, good morning, good morning

It is Thursday morning, 6:16 am.  Jonathan is at seminary, Papa and Patrick went to the store to get DONUTS!!! Adam Jim is being his noisey self and everyone else is still asleep.  NOT FOR LONG if Adam  has his way.  Bedtimes last night went very well.  Even the little pill Kenny took heis bath and went to bed easily.  Jon didn't have time to help with pics, no matter I will post them sometime.  till later....

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kenny gets all of Nana's attention

So far so good.  Kenny and I are like two peas in a pod.  He gets what he wants and in turn, NO MELTDOWNS!!!  all children made it to school.(Adam minus his folder) I looked everywhere I could think of, then wrote a    grandma note to his teacher explaining the situation.  No tears so far from anyone.  I forgot my camera cord, so word pictures until I get home.