Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Long awaited weekend

When ever I post pictures I always get them backwords.  Must be my left handed brain functioning.  Never the less here are the pics from this weekend of camping.  The curtain picture tells you that is the movie loft.  Others are self explanatory except for the worm eating contest.  The camp director, Chris, told the kids that whoever ate one of the fishing worms he would give them five dollars.  Grace and Kelly opted just to watch.  Patrick considered it them opted out too.  Now there were two worm eating contestants.  Chance and Abby.  The first worms tasted were with dirt and all.  The rules were clarified and they could wash them with their bottled water.  That sounded a bit better, but you know eating wiggling worms is a bit tricky.  Chance barfed up his first bite.  Everyone was concerned for the residue in his braces...Abby choked up the first one, so all first worms were thrown in the grassy area.  Second round,  Abby takes the lead.  She breaks up the worm in to pieces and swallows them like pills.  She finishes first.  Chance watches in amazement and a little trepidation that an 8 year old girl has just eaten a live worm.  He tries, but time runs out and Abby flashes her fiver. 
The weekend was not without drama.  On Friday Abby got the biggest catch of all, a fifty pound little girl with a barbed hook in her arm.  She got the line caught in the weeds and tried to whip it out...she did right into her arm.  There was lots of drama...crying from many parties wondering if we should call an ambulance from the park ranger and Papa in his usual form, acting mad and telling the hurt child to quit crying.  We knew it was hurting she cried for her daddy. (in Las Vegas)  I held her tight and Papa with his assortment of tools took it out.  I told her she was the bravest little girl I know.  I felt sick, I don't want things to happen on my watch, but I know life happens.  It was the talk of the whole park.  We sent the kids to the nature talk on Saturday afternoon, not all wanted to go, and the park ranger mentioned that someone was hooked.  Grace couldn't wait to tell everyone it was her sister.
Kathleen and Chance did the shopping.  We wanted for nothing, and had so many surprises.  Howw fun to show up with the shopping and lunch done.  They can camp with us anytime.  Chance was a delight and all his cousins were so happy he came and was willing to play cards, ride bikes, watch movies, and help with cleanups.  Mary and Jim loved it too, the children were our wonderful children and made the best time they could.  What could I ask for...nothing, love happens when you leave yourself open to possibilities.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Whose trek is it anyway?

I woke up this morning thinking about how much I admire my daughter Beth. 
 She handles seven children like a well oiled machine. Nana is running wild, "oiling" problems, changing diapers, making lunch, going to the park and crashing at 7 pm.  It was cute this am.  Kenny is sleeping in our room which works out well.  Every time he thinks he is going to climb out of the crib, Nana says "Nana says NO!"  Seems to work real well.  This morning I woke up to hearing his little voice practicing all his words.  I pretended to stay asleep and he laid in his bed talking for an hour and a half.  He didn't even offer to get out.  My power of persuasion. lol  There was another cute moment while I was pretending, Kelly and Mary came into the room.  They looked at Kenny, sat on my bed and watched me to see if I was really asleep.  They looked like me and my shadow, Mary following Kelly wherever she went.  How does Beth have time to snap pictures?  I found my camera, but the moments are over before I can you get word pictures...Yesterday at the park Kenny showed me what he is made of...I watched him slide down the little fire pole next to the climbing things.  He watched Mary and then I saw him jump for the pole.  You know it it scared me but I let it happen and it must of scared him, he didn't do it again.  Patrick showed  me his outgoing spirit.  It didn't take long for him to find some boys about his age and join in their game of chase and soccer.  Adam Jim, is Adam Jim, complained about the heat, had to find a bathroom, was thirsty and I didn't bring enough water, complained some more and then we went home.  Mary Jane was sweet.  I watched her climb and walk the ropes and slide down and run around.  She didn't want to leave.  Kelly played on the zip line and Patrick and Adam played on it too.  Megan stayed home while we went to the park.  I think teens know how to get there sanity in a big family.  The children played video games yesterday.  I don't know what they are going to do today.  Adam is helping me write my blog, Patrick and Kelly are playing cards, Kenny is missing, so Adam is going to find him for me.  At least there are enough little people to run and find.  Okay, I have complained enough.  This has been a fun time with the children, I must admit it.  They have been terrific and easy to take care of, most of the time.  One more night and day................

Monday, June 7, 2010

Cherry creek the first weekend of June

Cherry Creek State Park was our destination this past weekend.  Grace, Abby, Kelly and Mary were our guests.  First time camping with all grand girls.  Noisy, funny, lots of laughter...perfect weekend.  Matt Blue joined us for Saturday festivities and Beth and her crew came for dinner and cards.  what more can a Nana want?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

First marshmallow roast of the season

 they asked me how I knew...smoke gets in your eyes!

Memorial day marshmallow roast was held at Nana and Papa's camping spot.  The family came except for Jim and Chrystal.  We missed them and they missed the fun of burning marshmallows.