Friday, August 21, 2009

Jonathan comes to spend the night!

As the children get older their schedules do not include visits with grandparents. I have known this for a long time, I always reminded their parents that there would come a time when the children would be busy with their own lives. I was so pleased that Jon squeezed us in for a night. I love to catch up on there busy schedules and of course school starts on Monday, so there goes overnights except for Mary and Kenny. Boy if I thought raising children went fast, watching grands grow up is even faster! I am glad I am not missing this time with them.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sewing Crazy

Kenny came for dinner with His mother and siblings. He was so cute folding his arms.
Kelly and her new skirt.

Megans handiwork.

So fashionable.

Megan came to spend the night and sew. We made two skirts for her and one for Kelly.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The rugrats thought they were left out

Adam and Mary couldn't wait to come to Nana and Papa's to spend the night. They felt left out when they were not invited to go camping this past weekend. The pictures explain in detail why they were not invited. When they come to our house they have a certain routine. Play, eat dinner, play, watch tv, take and bath and go to bed. It is funny to watch them perform their routine without direction. This morning they have been eating like little eating machines. cocoa crunchies, by the bowlful, banannas, cranberry juice and fruit snacks and it is only 10 am. good I have leftovers from dinner last night for lunch...School starts next week, summer will soon be a fond memory...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

camping at St. Vrain

We caught a fish and it was THIS BIG... NO, it was THIS BIG...

A dad's job is never finished when there are fishing poles.

St. Vrain, taken by Kelly standing on top of the motorhome.

Kelly, Grace and Papa

Chris with his catch of today

We know how to be funny

Breakfast of champion campers

First fish Patrick caught. It hurt his hand when he threw it back in.

Kelly comtemplating the fish in the pond

Patrick caught the biggest fish of the weekend. A large mouth Bass..he caught it on that little Cars fishing rod. It was so heavy, that is why he is holding the end of the pole. Uncle Chris threw it back in the pond, Bass are catch and return at this park.

Another small mouth bass




Fisher guy, Chris



catching seaweeds

untangling the fishing pole...unending job all weekend

We love being on the motorhome roof..Abby and Patrick

This camping trip is a memorable time for all of us. chris caught a snapping turtle by the foot and it broke the line before we could get a picture. Patrick found out that kids poles catch as big or bigger fish than adult size poles. The girls fished their hearts out until the mosquitos ate them up. Papa and Nana fished, fixed meals and just relaxed. My aunt doris and cousin Kathleen came for dinner on Saturday night. It was such a wonderful visit that I forgot to take a picture. Oh well, it was so enjoyable. This is one park we will go back to again and again. Camping on the lake makes it easy for me to fish along with the children.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

St. Vrain here we come

We are going camping again this weekend. The McGinnis girls are coming to spend the night and Patrick is coming too. We will pick up Megan tomorrow because she has a prior commitment for this evening. I looked up on line and we are close to the water and fishing. It looks like a pretty park. Nice part is is not very far away, maybe 40 miles. (that would be a round trip from my sister Carol's house)
Patrick is all packed up this am and is waiting for Papa to pick him up after work. I about have everything done for the motorhome. I look forward to these weekend getaways! I will post pics when we get back.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Oldies but really cuties

Guess I was feeling a little reticent today, thought I would post some of the cuties from the past and present.

Who could forget Papa dancing with Grace and Kelly and a turkey. Can't tell who is the turkey.
Kelly and Beth...She was the baby at that time.

The top four without the bottom three who are only glimpses of the future.

If the date wasn't on the pic it would be hard to tell who this is. Kelly, you were such a

This was then...

Oh, Jon how you have grown you would be embarassed with the chocolate on you face now.

Megan, what a cutie...

Jon and Patrick...Jon was just waiting to get his easy bake oven going. How cute both of you were when you were in kindergarten and Patrick wanted to do everything you did.

Patrick...I HATE DUTTER!!!

This is now...Mary Jane camping

Kenny family reunioning...

Adam being Adam

Jon being 13.

Kelly and Grace camping.

Longs Peak in the morning

Soon we will be camping with this view again. Longs Peak in the early morning. Friday we are going to St. Vrain State Park for a weekend of fishing, playing cards and relaxing. Can't think of a view I enjoy as much. Chris, his two girls, Abby and Grace and Megan (her first trip out this year) and Patrick will join us for a fun weekend.
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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Camping At Boyd Lake State Park

Today was pajama day at daycare, so we celebrated pj day Friday July 31) at our camping site. Later, it was too hot to wear those flannels!!!

wow we brought those badminton rackets. nice that there was a playing field right across from out camping site. As you can see the girls had to have on jackets later in the day. It was getting colder before it downright poured rain and the wind blew harder and harder. I felt sorry for all the tenters. Their children were crying "we want to go home" while we sat in the motorhome, played 99 and ate our snacks.

Mr snoring man himself. He has enjoyed the tent that Beth lent him. We are glad he sleeps there, he snores louder that Perry Rhyne!!!

Singing Camp songs!!! "Are all camp songs Church songs?" "Sure do you remember 40 years wandering in the desert?" says Papa
The weather was cool enogh that a fire felt good, and the singing was loud and Nana just laughed! It was a fun time. Abby caught several fish but they were too small to keep. Grace went on a hike and Nana wakled the loop two times. What else can you want, family, cards and delicious food.