Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Dear Kenny,

Papa and I love you very much. thank you for sharing your little bug. Nana is better and Papa is worse. We love being your grandparents and we hope you are getting better so we can all visit with no fear. Sorry to all the other grandchildren who had to stay home for the King holiday. We will plan another get together when papa feels better. (he doesn't want his picture taken)

Saturday, January 17, 2009


I thought some of you out there would comment on my title. Didn't any of you read the Giving Tree? Well I got a good laugh...

The grands are coming tomorrow night. Looks like the only two who are not coming are Jon(of course he is 13) and Kenny who still doesn't feel like his old self. Had to laugh yesterday, he thought I was coming to babysit. He clung to his mother with all his might. Wouldn't even smile at me. Guess that is the price of Grandmothering. will post pics of the grands after they arrive for the Martin King Jr. holiday.

Friday, January 2, 2009

The first days of the new year

Here are a hodgepodge series of pictures of 2008 enjoy...

Too lazy to find my camera the last couple of days. But life is not dull here. Megan, Kelly, Adam and Mary came to spend New Years Eve with us. We went to Village Inn for dinner, and the children were so well behaved. Even Mary stayed in her chair. After dinner we came home, and Jim gave Mary and Adam their 2008 last bath and they went to bed. New years morning brought cereal, yogurt and bananas. Jim had to wrk which was nice because he swung by Beth's and picked up Jon and Patrick. I think they were anxious to come to get out of work mom could assign. Today we have played and played, ate cereal, drank juice and loaded up on donuts. All is quiet because everyone is separated. Megan and Kelly are in the basement. Mary, Adam and Patrick are in the sewing room playing video games and Jon is in my room watching tv and playing DS. Adam is getting hungry for lunch, because he saw the variety pack of chips in the kitchen. I will miss them when school starts next week, it has been a joy to have them as much as possible during the holidays. We are truly blessed.