Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fish, fish and more fish!

Mary, Adam, Patrick, Grace and Abby


Abby and Adam on a hike


Adam, this is how you pick them up!

Another group of Fisherman let the children play with their net, it was SO MUCH FUN

7 am, Nana and patrick trying their luck in the cool of the morning
, glad it finally warmed up
We left Aurora about 6:30 am and headed for St. Vrain.  I haven't seen the children so excited about going fishing in a long time, but that was the conversation on the drive up.  On the way we saw a hot air balloon club landing their balloons.  Adam remarked that this was his luckiest day of his life, we were going fishing and he saw the giant balloons coming in for a landing!
When we arrived it was chilly, but I was so happy I had the poles ready to go, we could not get to the water fast enough.  About nine, the fish startted to arrive.  You would never guess at first how afraid they were of the creatures but about an hour later they were playing with them in the bucket daring each other to touch and pick them up.  I sat in the background holding my laughter, listening to them describe what it was like to play with fish.  Adam and Mary wanted to take theirs home as pets.  Fortunately they died in the bucket and we cleaned them before leaving last night.  I am going to cook them today.  They were beautiful, all were better than 12 inches, and all were rainbows.  Jim and I commented this morning that it is so rewarding to take the children and let them experience things without constraints.  When we were raising our own, I was such an overbearing parent.  I was so worried about superficial things that I missed the joy of just letting children be children.  Maybe age has something to do with it, but I can honestly say I was not the worry wart I used to be with children around big ponds of water.  I could relax and enjoy the moment.  Blessed is the only word that describes my world.  (I am glad it didn't end yesterday, I would like a few more fishing trips with the grandchildren.  By the way, Chris was there and he had such a good time he called Jim to come up and fish with us.  Two out of three siblings all together was a blessing.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

no rubber duckies here

Pelican heaven, stocked pond

pelican and healthy duck swim together

see that orange thing, it is my bobber and tackle that got caught in a tree

beautiful birds, across the lake is a blue heron on the shore (about three fingers from the tree)

We went to St. Vrain on Monday and stayed until Wednesday afternoon.  They have stocked the ponds with five pound trout so we spent a good deal of time trying to catch one.  Jim got the biggest haul.  He caught a duck who was entangled in lead line.  He reeled him in, what a rukkus, and tried to get both lines untangled.  He got his line off but the little duck took off before we could get the lead line off of him.  It made me cry, I hate when things suffer.  It does make a good story to tell.  We had a wonderful time and are planning to go back and fish with the grandchildren this weekend.  here's hopin they are a biting!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Ellen with Paula's dog, me and Paula
I had a beautiful quiet day.  Chris took out the boat and we headed for Barr Lake State Park.  it was a beautiful day.  Jim, Chris and Chris' friend Matt launched the boat and I read the newspaper, read my books, played with sewing, rested and just plain relaxed.  Chris brought lunch and dinner so everything was slow and easy.  Beth brought me a gift last week and I appreciated it more than she could know, Jim and Chrystal called and are taking us out to dinner in the near future.  Best day in a long time!!!!!!  Didn't take pics so will add one from my album.  (random)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mary Jane turns six years old

new outfit from nana

reversible too!

Playing potato head

blowing out the candle "I already made lots of wishes."  ok then, just blow

pinwheels!  a garden

"pig pen"  wow lots of dirt

I have potato head too....
Pink streamers decorated the "nest".  We had party favors, favorite meal, mac and cheese, cake and candles.  It was precious to celebrate a birthday with a six year old.  I love their view of the world.  She told Papa not to step on the ant houses while they were on a walk.  Papa asked why and she replied there mothers wouldn't like it.  She found big one and was intending to take it home, we advised that her mother might not appreciate the new pet.  We all know she loves ants.  We had a great time with the children, they enrich us in ways we would of never known.